Thursday, January 22, 2009

January 31st Polymer Clay Covered Tin Class

On Saturday, January 31 at 11:00 am we will be teaching a polymer clay class focusing on bringing together all the basic techniques to cover an Altoids Tin! What a great way to keep your mints, candies or little somethings in your purse or on your nightstand! (It makes a great gift, too!)

Even if you are new to clay (if you've only dabbled a little) or you want to use your skills to create a finished project - then join us for this fun 2 hour class where you will cover, transfer, border, color and stamp on clay!

All you need to bring to class is a pasta machine, work surface, clay tools, scrap clay and 1 fresh block each of white & black clay. All cane slices, transfer images, liquid clay, crystals, border molds, pigment powders and embellishment items will be provided in class.

Class fee is $45 and will be limited to only 6 participants. Call 847-755-0861 to register.

  • Clay blocks from Fimo and Kato are available for purchase in the store, and if you don't own a pasta machine - there is a classroom machine available to share.
  • A suitable clay work surface is any non-porus item such as a ceramic tile or plastic cutting mat and a clay blade or craft knife is also handy to bring with you to trim your clay.

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