Friday, February 12, 2010

New Pink Scor-It coming in March!

The new PINK SCOR-IT should be available by the middle of March! This is the best scoring tool for professional scores on heavy cardstock.
Have you ever scored a cardstock and when you folded it, it cracked at the fold? Well, this doesn't happen when you use the SCOR-IT Board. For those of you making wedding invitations, this tool is a must!

The Large PINK SCOR-IT has been reduced in price and is only $39.99! The Mini PINK SCOR-IT $29.99 has been made larger and will accommodate the European A-4 card size. Both are easy to install and have reversible centering rulers with both inch and metric measurements; with a new stainless steel scoring tool for more accuracy and longevity.

For all of you who have been calling about when the new SCOR-IT will be in stock - the wait will be over soon! Yippee!

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