Friday, February 13, 2009


It was just announced today that Luminarte, Inc. is going out of business. This wonderful company that makes Twinkling H2o's, RadiantRain Mists, Radiant Daubers, Polished Pigments, and Simple Solutions will no longer be producing them.
If you are a fan of any of these great stamping products, stock up before they are gone forever.
Starting Saturday, Feb 14th, our existing stock is going on sale for 50% off.
If there is something you want to have or replace in your collection, that we don't have on our sales floor, please contact us. We can order them for you at the same 50% off from Luminarte, Inc. while they still have them in stock.
Leslie Ohnstad from Luminarte, Inc, just wrote us this message:
Luminarte has had such a wonderful time with you. Your fantastic ideas, artwork, continued appreciation......we will miss you terribly! We hope you will continue using color to express yourself. Keep your spirits up and create, create, create..........
We are passing along her comments to all of you who have taken classes from Peggy Budfulowski, and all of you who loved using all the Luminarte products.

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  1. This is terrible news. I have tons and tons of their products, this is a tragedy.